Hey guys, it’s me…Nicole: Chicago Family Photographer. You know, the one who is constantly preaching about the importance of getting IN the photos with your children! I woke up this morning forgetting that it’s Tuesday…because, well, it’s basically Monday.   Thankfully for me, I work for myself which means…I get to choose the content of my work today.  SOOOO today I decided to put all the other work on the back burner and share my own story.  So here it goes…

This year, I vowed I would do something, and I did it. I got IN the pictures.  I went through the crazy process of outfitting, pairing, prepping myself and 2 children (and a husband, let’s be serious!)…and I can say, I totally feel you. It can be stressful to get ready for a photo session with your family.  I will say I used my new styling service that is completely free to Nicole Christine Photography clients to help with pairing up our clothes and accessories.  That really helped a lot.  This is one of the new perks for 2019 that all of my clients will get to take advantage of.

I can say that this struggle…the struggle that you DON’T see in the photos…it was totally worth it.  Having a very active 2 year old has meant that I haven’t been able to get some of the studio shots I would have liked of my family since our little Julianna was born in October.  My prayer for all of you reading this is that you take a look at these photos are remind yourself that you need to make the time to do it this year…you need to make the investment.

Your story is constantly changing, and the people you love are changing right along side of you.  Children are growing and will never be this little, innocent and curious again.  Your moments BEG to be documented. And I beg you, too.  Time doesn’t stand still.  Let’s make it happen in 2019!

**A huge thank you to my amazingly talented brother for snapping these photos.  Edited by me (and I didn’t wait 9 months to edit these ones 😂)!

Nicole is a Chicago Lifestyle Family and Children’s Photographer based in Roselle, Ilinois. Is she a good fit for your photographic style and preferences?   Shoot me a message to chat about photographing your family!

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