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I often tell people that my goal is to create the best photo you’ve ever had of your family. I thought about this concept a lot this past week, and started thinking about the question…what is a photograph really worth? And what is “worth” anyways? Is it tangible? Or is it really all about a feeling you get when you see your perfectly imperfect family in a series of photographs?

When choosing a photographer, how do you choose who to hire? Is it strictly based on money? Or is there something deeper that makes that decision for you? The thing about great photography is’s not until you have it, that you realize it’s worth. For me, capturing these moments of your family is super personal. Time is fleeting and you will never get these moments with your babies back. Without photographs, we may never realize how beautiful we are, as a mother, a wife, a woman and daily magician (yes, momma, you deserve that title with everything you juggle). Life is seriously SO beautiful if we just take the time to realize it….and well… investing in quality photography…that helps too.

What’s One Thing You Wish You Could Freeze Time About Your Kids, Spouse or Life Right Now?

When I asked this momma this question, she answered with, “Every age is better than the last with kids, and want to capture every moment!”

Isn’t that the truth? And also the WHY. This is WHY you cannot wait, or let years pass you by without getting quality photographs with your children. Working with this gorgeous family was such a treat. I’ve photographed them for years, and each year their amazingly entwined love for each other comes out more and more. I could say more and more about these souls, but I’d rather let their photographs tell their story…

Nicole is a Chicago Lifestyle Family and Children’s Photographer based in Roselle, Ilinois. Is she a good fit for your photographic style and preferences?   Shoot me a message to chat about photographing your family!

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Nicole is a Chicago Area Photographer based in Roselle, Illinois. She has been recognized by as one of the top photographers in the Chicago area. She has also been recognized by Professional Photographers of America as one of their Faces of the PPA, and has been featured in numerous online photography outlets for her renowned style of photography.

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