Schaumburg Family Photographer – The Castle Family!

There is so much talk about “the golden hour”…we all know it is the time to take photos. But why do photographers love it so much? The sun is low and light in the evening sky, which means that the light is diffused and soft. During the golden hour, the light won’t cast any harsh shadows and the hues are very flattering and warm on the skin tones of my subjects. This is why I love the golden hour for photo sessions.

I know that booking a golden hour session can be intimidating when you have young children. There are schedules to consider, naps, meals, and not to mention work schedules. My advice is to make sure your kids have a mellow day…no running around to birthday parties or going to the apple orchard. Keep is “normal”, and pushing naps back slightly may be a good idea. Come to the shoot with full bellies, especially for the kiddos! Most of all, trust in the process. Nine times out of ten, the kids do wonderfully during this hour, even if it’s later than they are accustomed to being out and about. It’s a new environment, they get to run and explore as part of our shoot, and they get to interact with mom and dad!

This was one family that I absolutely loved working with during the golden hour. I have known them for years, and finally got the chance to work with them from a photographic standpoint. It was a gorgeous night, and everything worked. The girls were spunky and fun and full of laughter. Mom and Dad were easy going and ready to play right along with the girls. Talk about win-win! Now, enjoy the photos 🙂

Nicole is a Schaumburg Area Family Photographer based in Roselle, Ilinois. Is she a good fit for your photographic style and preferences?   Shoot me a message to chat about photographing your family!

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Nicole is a Chicago Area Photographer based in Roselle, Illinois. She has been recognized by as one of the top photographers in the Chicago area. She has also been recognized by Professional Photographers of America as one of their Faces of the PPA, and has been featured in numerous online photography outlets for her renowned style of photography.

Schaumburg Family Photographer – The Castle Family!

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