Oak Brook Family Photographer – The Holmes Family!

This Location…I LOVE. It’s outside the normal 5×5 foot radius surrounding Roselle that I rarely leave! Haha…but no seriously, I shot my first family there in 2018 and have loved it ever since. It offers such a variety of texture, color, unique buildings and everything in-between.

This family is another family that has grown with my photography business over the years. When I say “grown with”, I mean that their family has grown right along with mine, and they have kept coming back through the years, which means SO much to me. Maura was just a little infant the first time I saw her. Six months to be exact! Now she’s a bustling four year old with so much to say. She’s also gained a little sister since I first met her as a teeny tiny little thing.

Little Anna is just a doll. She wants to do everything her sister does, but she’s got a personality of her own. I asked both girls to play with their hair, and Miss Anna grabs up at her head and gave me what I consider quite possibly the sweetest shot of the whole session.

Both girls CLEARLY love their parents, and each other, and this session was laughter from start to finish. Working with family like these make my world go round. They are down to earth and loving and real, and all they want is exactly what I want to give…photographs capturing their real, raw moments and interactions.

Oak Brook Family Photographer
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Oak Brook Family Photographer
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Oak Brook Family Photographer
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Chicago Family Photographer
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Nicole is a Chicago Area Family Photographer based in Roselle, Ilinois. Is she a good fit for your photographic style and preferences?   Shoot me a message to chat about photographing your family!

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Oak Brook Family Photographer – The Holmes Family!