Expecting Baby #3: A Photographer’s Journey On The Other Side Of the Camera

As a photographer, it can be hard to find the time to get out and do photos of yourself. First, you need someone to take them and second, it seems I am always working on photos for everyone else. Editing my own family’s photos is last on the priority list. That being said, when I look back on the past 4 years and see that I have maternity photos from both of my first two pregnancies, I knew I needed to do do them again.

Expecting our third girl, we have so much already that will be seen as “hand me downs”. We need to buy nothing (literally) except diapers! But I wanted this little girl to know she was prayed for just as her big sisters were. I want her to be able to look back and know that we were excited for her arrival, and that she was celebrated, anticipated and wanted.

This day, however, did not go quite as planned. While Livi absolutely loved being at the forest preserve, Julianna wanted NOTHING to do with photos. Our ‘always calm, go with the flow’ child suddenly pulled out her horns and the hour was filled with tears and meltdowns. She didn’t want to be held, but when we put her down, she didn’t want that either! What you see of her here were just a few seconds snapped in between the craziness!

I know as well as anybody, trust your photographer. Even when things seem to be going haywire in a session, you must remember a seasoned photographer only needs a few seconds to create truly magical moments. Thankfully, my very talented brother Nick came to the rescue and snapped these photos. I must say, it felt quite different editing photos of yourself, but I was determined to get them edited and on display BEFORE baby’s arrival this time. 🤪

Maybe I am learning something in my old age! Enjoy! 🥰


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Expecting Baby #3: A Photographer’s Journey On The Other Side Of the Camera


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