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You will see that most of my newborn sessions are packed with parent shots. Why? Well…..because you need them. You need photos WITH your children. As parents, we are always the ones behind the camera. I always push parents to get themselves ready and get in some photos. I realize how daunting of a task this is, especially a week postpartum. But LOOK. AT. THESE. PHOTOS.

The fatigue, and complete exhaustion you are feeling a week after giving birth will not be seen in your newborn photos. What you WILL see…is magic. You will see the magical newfound love you have for your precious baby. You WILL see the love between you and your partner. A year from now, will you remember how tired you were? Yes, you will. Us momma’s never forget! But you will also thank yourself for taking the time to get in the photos. Your child will thank you, too….one day!

Working with Laura and Bobby was such an amazing experience. Seeing new parents “in action” is always such a treat. Love was literally swooning in the air. These two laughed and “parented” this baby like they were pros who had been doing this for years. It’s always so nice to see dads get hands on with their new baby. This dad was no exception. He was in there doing diapers, burping…totally embracing his fatherhood role.

Clearly, this baby is beyond loved. And can we say gorgeous?! This momma was glowing, and her glow shines through into these photos.

Looking to book your newborn or family session here in the NCP studio?!? Shoot me a message and lets get it planned!  Please note Nicole does only take a select number of newborn sessions monthly, so do not hesitate to get your booked today!

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Nicole is a Newborn and Family Photographer based in Roselle, Illinois. She has been recognized by as one of the top photographers in the Chicago area. She has also been recognized by Professional Photographers of America as one of their Faces of the PPA, and has been featured in numerous online photography outlets for her renowned style of photography.

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