Chicago Family Photographer – August Monthly Goals!

It’s August and almost time for fall to set in! Wait, What?! Where did summer go?! I had really big July goals! They were mostly met with success, although “life” gave me a few minor roadblocks.  Overall, I am so happy with my accomplishments for the month of July and am looking forward to an exciting August. As always, comment below with your goals this month…let’s start the trend of really focusing on the positive!

Personal Goals:

1. I need to finish planning my trip to Europe happening in September! This was a goal of mine last month and I’ve got a lot more to research before we leave. I’m getting excited!

2. My brother is getting married this month! I need to finish dress alterations and get accessories and shoes picked out.

3. I’m still trying to get back into healthy eating again! I’m getting there, but keeping up with all summer indulgences is tough.

4. July was go go go from start to finish. I’d like to take a breather before I ramp up for fall busy season…maybe a weekend with no plans and no shoots….(ya right, something always comes up, right?!)


1. I need to get a new Client Management software put in place! I struggle with keeping up with emails, inquiries, and booking requests so this will help a ton with organization.

2. Keep up with blogging highlights from as many sessions as I can.

3. Edit the upwards of 15 galleries I am currently working through! July was crazy busy, but it’s all good.  I’m blessed to be busy.

4. Keep the 2019 year of positivity rolling! It’s been an awesome year with lots of growth both personally and professionally!

That’s it for this month! You’ve seen my goals! This month is not as hectic as last month, but I’m sure I will find a way to fill up every free moment. I’m definitely going to enjoy taking a breather though- it’s much needed after one of my busiest shooting months in history.  Fall is around the corner and hectic will work itself back into my life in no time I’m sure. See you all next time!

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That’s it for Chicago Family Photographer – August Monthly Goals!

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Nicole is a Chicago Area Photographer based in Roselle, Illinois. She has been recognized by as one of the top photographers in the Chicago area. She has also been recognized by Professional Photographers of America as one of their Faces of the PPA, and has been featured in numerous online photography outlets for her renowned style of photography.

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